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Dominika Budzińska – ”Karpielówka's” owner. She graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Prawa w Warszawie (Lazarski University) in foreign trade and economics.  After that she did postgraduate studies in modern organization and gastronomy management at the SGGW University of Agriculture in Warsaw. She had been working for years as a translator in the head office of the supermarket network “HIT” and then she became a deputy director in one of its supermarkets. After the acquisition of this network by TESCO, 11 years ago, she made a decision to open “Karpielówka.” She created a restaurant with a highland style and meals from the Podhale in the center of Warsaw – out of her love of the mountains where she has been traveling since her childhood. Dominika's other passion – besides the restaurant and the mountains – is animals. She loves them, both those shaggy and those winged, and many of them have found a place to live in her home. She skis, rides a horse, and she sails, too.

Przemysław Skrzeczyński – the chef. He has been interested in cookery since his childhood. As a child he watched his mom cook. He followed in his parents' footsteps – his mom and father are chefs, too, but started off professionally in a Chinese restaurant. He can now boast having cooked for VIP guests at the Polish National Stadium during the EURO 2012 games. He has been working in “Karpielówka” for 5 years. He invents his own meals and recommends its to our guests.

Our general manager – Marcin Iwanowski. He has been working for us for 7 years. He graduated from the gastronomical school in ul. Poznańska, Warsaw and he started working as waiter in the Spanish restaurant “Casa Valdemar” which Magda Gessler had co-owned. After that he worked in catering in the famous Warsaw company Zapart Catering. He worked in the “Villa Nuova” restaurant in Wilanów and the “Boathouse” restaurant, too. In “Karpielówka” he is in charge of the catering prepared for conferences, banquets and Christmas or business parties. His experiences with different types of cuisine including, for example, Mediterranean, allow him to live up to even the most original expectations of our clients. He has considerable experience with preparing banquets for VIP guests – he repeatedly prepared parties like these for the Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski and his wife, as well as made banquets for famous Polish businessmen. Here, at the request of the photographer, he sat down at a table. Only for the moment, though, because he is usually on the move.

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