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The 'Karpielówka' restaurant has been running for 12 years. It was opened in 2003 in Warsaw's Urysnów at the intersection of Indiry Gandhi and Dereniowa streets.

The name is derived from the Karpielówka Kościelisko – one of the wicks near Zakopane. The wicks were called after the names or nicknames of their owners. These areas were visited by the restaurant's owner, Dominika Budzińska, in her childhood. She had decided to transfer some of the highland style to Warsaw because of her love of the Tatra mountains and her longing for Kościelisko.

The restaurant was built from key-stone by carpenters from Zakopane. On the floor is stone from the mountains and most of the interior is made of wood that is imported from the Podhale region, too. Our guests sit by heavy wooden tables, on the benches or chairs which were made from wooden logs. Its stylish interiors are decorated with authentic highlander furnishings which the proprietress has brought from the Podhale or which have been given as a gift by her friends. Some of these beautiful things have been brought over by the regular customers of our restaurant.

The owner says that her previous job involved permanent oversight of restaurants, which allowed her to gain the necessary gastronomical knowledge. She propped up that expertise by postgraduate studies in catering management.

Its atmospheric highlander interiors and the delicious cuisine straight from the Podhale gained appreciation by the residents of the neighborhood of Ursynów and more. Some of the guests who have fallen in love with the legendary sauerkraut soup from the “Karpielówka” come along from other Warsaw's districts. The famous highlander musician  Sebastian Karpiel Bułecka spoke with appreciation about our sauerkraut soup in a TV show.

Welcome to our place! 

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